Ellis & Rapacki LLP was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1996 by Fredric (Rick) Ellis and Edward Rapacki, each of whom possesses decades of litigation experience in both trial and appellate court settings.

Founded on the principle that the claims of our clients deserve the same commitment of legal resources as is provided to large corporations, but with a greater attention to detail by the principal litigators, Ellis & Rapacki LLP has secured for its individual and class clients hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

The firm’s innovative arguments and strategies have also secured substantive changes in corporate practices and made new decisional law that is used by other law firms pursuing claims on behalf of victims of corporate negligence and malfeasance.

By limiting our practice to a very small number of class actions and individual claims involving significant losses, Ellis & Rapacki LLP maximizes the care and effort devoted to our clients’ claims and protects our clients from the greater legal resources available to corporations and insurers.